I want your aptasia

Al G Blenny

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Anyone have some Aptasia covered rocks? I can either trade you for clean rocks or I can just pay for it. I need the Aptasia to feed my Berghia. Thanks.


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Rent the little sucker out. Don't worry it's legal,it's not prostitution.:lolspin:



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You should contact Dan from Pacific Garden Supply (Lumenarc). I just come from there and his entire 55 gallon is completely FULL of aptasia. He is looking for Berghia to eat them up.

Let me know if you need his contact info and I'll PM it to you.



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A new occupation: Bergia pimp. I have also heard of passing around a sea hare for algae control.


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Glad to hear someone's breeding them again!

Now if you want to sell some of them, drop me a PM...


put me next in line.

Al G Blenny

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Sorry guys but I don't have very many. I can get them to breed but I need a lot more aptasia to bring them to adulthood.


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My Aiptasia are on to my little tricks and now only populate rocks that cannot be removed from the tank and attacked with a creme-brulee browning accessory.


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Guys, what Matt is asking for is to trade him your aiptasia infested rocks in return for clean ones. The whole point is that he has a ton of juveniles and needs to grow them up before he can sell them. Plus it is near impossible to take the berghias out of a tank larger than like a nanocube, so it isn't like borrowing a sea hare from someone since those are huge.


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Matt I found a small rock with some on it. I've put it into another little tank and I'm feeding the crap out of them. Hopefully they'll reproduce and the tank fills up for you :)

FWIW, they love Arcti-Pods and Roti-Feast :lol:


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I havr a rock with those little buggers on it but......It happens to be the rock that has my huge 12 inch sebae attached itself to like 3 years ago. :( so I can't quarantine that rock.