IceCap 430 Wiring Harness


Reef Tank Aficionado
I sent an email asking this same question but havent gotten a response yet so I will ask here...

I got an Icecap 430 that needs a wiring harness. I will be putting it on a 6ft 180g tank. Are the wires long enough or do I need an extension? Also, will the wiring harness come with a grounded plug? Marinedepot is advertising their harness for 25.99, is there a price match/beat on this?

Do you have any 100w MH bulbs preferbly bulbs that can run on an advance m90/m140 ballast? Will the regular mogul sockets work for this as well?

Hi Tony,

Sorry, we do not always answer emails over weekend, actually i do, but rest of the guys usually do not.

I have changed our retail price to 25.99 on that product now to compete with MD's price.

It is long enough for a 72" bulb setup, but will be stretched out, you'll have to put the ballast behind your tank in the middle and probably within a foot of your canopy/hood. So you won't have much room. So if you want to put it off to the side, i would recommend the extension. The wire harnesses do not include a grounded plug or cord, you either connect a pig tail or a grounded corded plug to there harness. We sell the cord and plug for 4.95, but it's nothing special, might find it cheaper at the hardware store.

On your 100w bulbs, we do not have any of those, although probably could special order you some. I'm not familar with there size, i imagine it is a medium base, but not sure.



Thanks for the response...Could you check on those 100w mh bulbs? I dont care about the temp as its going on a fuge/prop tank....I would like to order everything at once to save on shipping...

Thanks again..