Icecap 660 issue


bring on the price cuts!
I've been running 4 39w t5s on an icecap 660 since december without issue, came home today from work and it won't fire up my lamps.

When i turn it on, 2 of the 4 bulbs fire up for a second and then turn off immediately. One of my bulbs was burnt as well (ati blue+). so i swapped the bulb and it didn't help.

I swapped the ballast with another one that I have and it works fine. I next swapped the fuses and still didn't help. Finally I tried the ballast on my other set of bulbs and same thing, flashes on for a second and then turns off, bad ballast? Anything I can do besides send it to IceCap?



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Nope, looks like you've pretty much troubleshot it to a bad ballast. Icecap gets $65 for the shop visit plus parts and shipping. I know because I just called them Monday about a bad ballast. New they go for ~159. It's your call