Ich Ick - QT and Snowflake Eel Question


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I got Ich? Ick? in my display tank. I moved all my livestock into a QT tank for treatment except my corals, anemones and my SNOWFLAKE EEL. I will let the display tank sit for 6 weeks before putting the fish back. Questions:

Overall is what I am doing correct to rid the display of Ich?
Can my Eel stay in the display tank? I don't think they get the disease?
Can my anemones and inverts stay in the display tank?
Is 6 weeks enough time to break the ich life cycle?

Thanks in advance!
Ive heard different things on eels. Ive heqard they can host and Ive heard they cannot because of their lack of scales and slime the produce so im not 100% sure on which. My tank had a case of ich and i put the eel into a QT for hypo to be sure... DO NOT treat eel with copper. the anemones and inverts can stay in your display tank for the 6 weeks. 6 weeks should be sufficient some say 8 to make deffinite sure.
Anyone know definatively about weather eels can get ich or if they carry ich? I would prefer not putting my eel in the qt tank with everyone else. I have underground piping in the display for him and I dont want to disturb him.
I'm beginning to think my snowflake eel is a carrier of the ich parasite, I emptied my system of all fish except the eel, for a 9 week period and then introduced a new lionfish and have had a clean system for months... Well what I thought was clean, and now that I have added a panther grouper and a sohal..
Like magic the ich is still present