Ich out break


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Well I didn't QT the Anthias I put in my 75g and I'm getting burned for it.

My flame, painted fairy wrasse are covered in it. Some of my other fish are starting to show signs of it. I hadn't feed garlic covered food in a while and I stepped that up today.

I have bad feeling this time, I just lost the biggest Anthias but he had no signs of ich or any other sickness and the other two have no signs of ich either.
I'm not sure if it was just a fluke or not, but after my last and final dealing with F. T. in Pekin, I bought a Regal and it infested every inhabitant with Ich. Anyway, I ran out and got a cleaner shrimp and within a week everything was A-Okay. Haven't had an outbreak since, and that was many a moon's ago. I think I also read that cleaner Wrasse's might munch a little on Ich.
Regardless, good luck man!
Every time I have had any problem with Ick my cleaner shrimp has taken care of it, on any size fish. A cleaner wrasse does an even better job, but seem poor suited for the aquarium :( RIP. I have only had ick like 3 times, but I have never used any chemical or anything to take care of it, just cleaner shrimps and wrasses.
I think typically what happens is they run thier course and just fall off and dont come back. I had ick in my tank once from a tang I got. All of the ich fell off and never came back. They have a pretty short life cycle. They fall off then breed in the substrate apaprently. The fish can look ok for another 1-2 weeks, then the ich comes back worse than before. Thankfully I have never had to deal with round 2. If you do, chances are it will be round 3, 4 etc or until everything is toast.

As far as cleaner shrimp....I think they are more of a preventative measure rather than a cure. I dont think a cleaner shrimp or wrasse is going to cure a sick fish, it will just help keep them healthy so they never get it. Pretty much the only thing you can hope for is the fish are healthy enough to fight it off them selves. Garlic apparently helps thier immune system which is why that helps some times.

Good luck man....pretty crazy to think that you may be in a worse situation than I am, and I just dropped 6 months worth of Alk/Calc in my tank :((. If I were you I would be putting them in my QT with copper immediatly. That is the only REAL way to save them.
I don't want to take my tank apart to get them out. This morning most of the ich had dropped off the flame and wrasse. The flame is getting the worsed of it and seems a little more slugish. I hope I don't lose him I paid $42 and he has never nipped at my corals.

I'm feeding three times a day with full garlic and veggies and so far everything is eating.
I saw TMR had cleaner wrases. I can not reccommend this since it is not good to remove them from their environment. I say this and anyone who has seen my tank sees one in there. I would have him feed them and buy one that eats processed food. I have had mine for almost 2 years now. He does a great job but I always QT my fish since I went thru this twice and said I would never do it again. If your able to remove the flame bring him over and put him in my QT.
I might be able to get the wrasse out but there is no way i'd be able to get the flame out he's always close to the rocks.
Search on the words metronidazole and focus and recipe. You will find a couple interesting threads. I have posted the recipe I have now used 3 different times in different tanks with great success.
I just lost my flame and another Anthias, I'm ripping my tank apart tonight and putting all my fish in my 37g.