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I HAD two Ocellairs Clownfish. One died due to Ick. :sad2: my Nitrates are about 10ppm and my ph is 8.2 to 8.4. I have the other Clown in a Med tank and treating it. What else could be causing the ick? :sad2:


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There is a lot of information out there on Marine Ich, Including a sticky in this forum that would give you more information than I probably can. Ich is a parasite and had to be introduced some how to the tank by bringing in a fish with it. Wether a fish show signs of Ich or not it is always best to QT them because healthy fish may not show symptoms of the parasite. The life cycle of marine ich is described in many forums and articles which I suggest reading through to better understand this parasite. It is best to treat in a seperate tank with copper, hypo, or transfer method(The only proven methods). Also your main tank will have to be fallow(fishless) for 8-12 weeks to kill off any Ich that may be left in there. Otherwise all other additions are susceptible to this parasite. Did you purchase the clown fish without QT'ing them? What other fish do you have with the clown fish?


Ich can also come in on rock, coral, inverts. That's why some of us are paranoid/careful and quarantine everything wet, not just fish.


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I lost both Clowns to the Ich. I didn't have any other fish in the tank. I have a Condy Anemone, 3 Red Leg Hermits, 1 Peppermint Shrimp and a Chocolate Chip Star. All seem to be very content and thriving. I lost the Clowns about a week ago so I am letting the tank sit without fish to cycle and added a UV Sterilizer.


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Rather than a UV, which cannot eliminate ich, I'd invest in a QT tank and do a lot of reading before buying more fish.