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Does this sound like Ick? (i really am sorry about not having any pics of this, my camera is not that good)

I have white dots on my clown fish. there is only one white dot on one of them and two dots on the other one. What are they? i dont have a camera that is good enough to take pictures of the dots. The white bumbps are raised. They are not really small like some of the ick pictures I have seen. Right now i am waiting to see if any more develope. These are the first fish to enter the tank after letting the tank cycle and sit for about 2 months. Any ideas?


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You need to diagnose it fast.

It could be-

-lyphytus (cauliflour disease)
-a fugus(fin rot, but not if on body)

Search google images for those terms, fin rot, caulflour disease, ich and tell us which one you think it is. Then get back to us. :)

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or it could be the beggings of a deseise called velvet... that sounds like wat my clown had before he died....if it is velvet i would strongly suggest taking all fish out of your tank and put them in a hospital tank, and let your tank cycle for at least 4 weeks, i lost all of my fish in my aquarium to velvet last week i even put them in a hospital tank and they died so treat it as soon as possible.