ID and Maybe Some Advice


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I got this coral about 6 months ago and don't remember what the store called it. It was doing great the first 4 months and it was about 2-3 times bigger then it is in the picture below. Anyways he started shrinking to his current size and has been like this for almost 2 months. Nothing in the tank has changed except I switched to LED's instead of T5's about 2 weeks ago and have been slowly raising the intensity. Parameters have not changed. Any ideas on an ID and maybe what is wrong with him? In the past 2 months I have tried him in 2 different locations with still no luck.


Excuse the Coral Beauty he would pop up every time I went to take the picture


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What exactly are your parameters? How were you able to move it? Isn't it attached to that rock?

The coral looks like a Sinularia btw.