ID and question.


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I believe this is Halimeda (sp?)
If not would someone identify it for me.
Here is a close up.
Here you can see white 'sprouts' forming on the tips of a few leaves.
Is it going sexual or just growing?
That's some real nice looking Halimedia sp. ;) The little sprouts at the tips are new growth starting.
Thanks Bill.
I have a bush of it in my main tank and think it is rather attractive.
I am thinking about pruning it back some as it is growing fast in my system. Right under a Halide. It loves the light.
My follow up questions would be:
A. Does it go sexual in a detrimental way?
B. I have heard that this really isn't a good plant to use in a refugium or have in a main tank because it is a calcium hog. Is this true?
If you have a huge mass of it and it goes sexual, it can grey the water. It happened to me once, I just did a big water change and nothing seemed to have any problems. You can tell when it is going, the smooth light green reforms into a bunch of tiny dark green spheres on a now white background. That's when you pull it.
From my understanding it uses alot of calcium, so you probally won't want to keep it if you have clams and SPS.

Thank you.
This may also explain why I am having problems keeping my calcium level above 350 ppm.
Time to break out the pruning shears. I have a little bush of this in my main tank.
I had an outbreak in my 30g sps tank, and did not know at the time it was a calcium lover, and I to was definately having problems with ca