ID Help (Pics) - Strands from Rock


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I have noticed these long, thin processes extending from the live rock over the past few weeks. They are yellowish in color and seem much longer and thinner than the vermatid snails that I have seen in other tanks. The processes seem to have directed movement, occasionally curling up and retracting back in the rock. Any ideas what these may be?




Travis L. Stevens

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I cannot remember for the life of me the common or scientific name of these, but they are harmless filter feeders that do a fairly good job at cleaning up debris that they can reach.


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Hey <B>Travis</B>,

Do you know if they are from a snail...are we seeing the antenna or proboscis extending from the rock?

By the way...did you manage to get the video converstion done? If not...plese do not hesitate to send me a link and I can do it for you.


Got Reef?
Looks like a type of Terebellidae(Spaghetti Worm).

got this from a website.
"The terebellids are surface deposit feeders, using their long tentacles to reach for food particles on the sediment. The extensive tentacles on the anterior end give this worm its name, and when the tentacles are seen snaking out over the surface of mud, they are unmistakable. Their tubes are made of mud and mucous, but are generally not as obvious as tubes from other worms such as Arenicolidae or Chaetopteridae. The body is usually green to brown."

Heres a picture of their whole body

Travis L. Stevens

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Terebellidae! That's it! i couldn't think of that. It's a worm, and those are just tentacles.

Vitaly, yes I got the video yesterday. Me and my wife laughed and watched it many times over.