ID: Long thin strand of something coming from a Maxima


New member
The last couple evenings, our Maxima has had this very thin, very long, brown filament coming out its exhalant siphon. It looks almost like a strand of long brown hair. I gave it little tug and the clam closed up, so I stopped doing that! The next day it was gone, only to come back later in the evening.

I think the clam is pretty healthy. I've had it for a long time and it's a good six inches across. The only parameter I've changed somewhat recently is to dial down the light on that side of the tank just a bit. The closest thing I've found searching for the cause is the notion that sometimes a clam will expel excess zooxanthellae.

Thoughts? Maybe I'll restore my light settings (although that's in tension with a coral which has grown very high in the tank and seemed less happy)