ID my baby snails please


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I have A LOT of baby snails. They are visible during the day but they really come out at night when you can see a really huge number of them all over the rocks. Some are tiny little pin heads but some have grown to a bigger size already too so I have a little range of ages there.
I do have some algae in my tank and I dose phyto every day. Not sure if that has anything to do with my snails liking to lay eggs a lot in my tank?
The Cerith always have egg strands on the glass but I never see Cerith snail babies.

Here are the snails I got:
Mexican Turbo
Chestnut Turbo in gold/orange as well as the regular striped
Fighting Conch
Banded Trochus

I've attached a couple of pictures of the older babies.
When the tiny ones developed stripes I thought for sure they were banded trochus but the house looks more like the chestnut turbos' (striped).
Apparently banded trochus breed easily in aquariums and chestnut turbos breed rarely in aquariums from what I've been reading so I'm not sure what they are.
Does the house shape change as they get bigger?
Any ideas?


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Thanks Rick! That's a great size then. I seem to have hundreds of the 1mm sized ones so it's perfect that they don't get bigger than the one in my hand.