ID Needed on Algae


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So I've been battling this junk for just over a month. It scrapes off rock, glass, and overflow easy. What you see in the pics is about 2 weeks worth of growth. Radion's on 10A-6P 60%. WC's each week at 10% (90G+20GSUMP) GFO running about 2 weeks now with Fauna Marin Phos 0.04 (8 TBSP to start) Also get a lot of green film algae.

Temp 76
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 4
Phosphate (undetectable by kit) Salifert and API

90% of rocks were reef cleaners dry rock. Some is 6 months old some is 4 months old (two different batches added at different times). Weird thing is half the growth is on established live rock from my LFS. Algae isn't very green, but more brown. Just trying to figure out if this is green hair or bryopsis or something else. Using patience, manual removal, and nutrient export to fix at this point. Thanks.

Seems like the stuff on the left is finer and came off easier. Stuff on the right came off easy too, but looks different. I had a hard time cleaning next to the paly last time so it did have more time to grow.



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Can you pinpoint where the nutrients feeding the algae are coming from? do you use r/o water? you may want to start with a slight increase of amount of water changed each week.


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Has to be rock. I use ro/DI and it comes out of unit reading 0. Feed a few pellets twice a week since I'm running fallow.


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First two look like GHA and the second two look kind of like bryposis. You can try to bring your Mg up to get rid of the bryposis.