ID Please -- Friend or Foe?

Toe Knee

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These came attached to a liverock purchase 5 days ago, Did not see them until a few hours after placing in tank, noticed two the day I set in tank, 3 the next day, then the 4th. It is Bali LR bought at a LFS. I'm new to this, first SW tank, put 17 lbs Bali LR Sept 18th, 8.6 lbs more Sept 24th into new tank.

What are they? Do I want them or do I need to eradicate them? Not sure if they are some sort of poylp or aiptasia anemone's?

This is the best I can do for a picture..........

Thanks, Tony


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Toe Knee

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Thanks Reeftivo, looks like the feather dusters. Great web site, I'll be referring to it often.

Thanks again, Tony