id please?


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I noticed this weird algae growing on the glass in my tank today. I'ev never really seen anything like this, and thought maybe someone could help me out with it. It has a root-like structure, very branchy. The branchy stuff is brown-green and very flat against the glass. At the root of it, there is a very long tail/trail (about 10 inches) going to my substrate. This looks like a smear, but I'm guessing it is probably some type of root or something. This isnt the best picture, but I only have an old webcam here, I can try to get some better pictures later.


If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

As quickly as it appeared, it has now disappeared. Anyone know what it was? The trail/tail thing is still on the glass, you can somewhat see part of it on the photo above. First time I've seen something like that appear out of nowehere and then disappear really quick.

Looks like a 'spaghetti worm' shopping around for a new place to live, actually. Every once in a while I'll see one on the glass and immediatelygo into "what the hell" mode...