ID please


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my loving wife has a tendency to buy pink things, and came home with this today...said she didnt know what it was but it was pink so she had to have it. I'd be very greatfull if someone could ID it so i figure out how to keep it from dying:p

*sowwy for the slightly blurry pic but my batterys died right after i took it so no juice for a second shot.*



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I think he means Dendronephthya (a soft coral), rather than Dendrophyllia (a stony coral).

Yours does appear to be a non-photosynthetic soft coral, though I think its more likely Scleronephthya than it is Dendro. These are very difficult corals to keep, as they require a huge amount of supplemental feeding. The problem is that we arent sure exactly what it is they feed on, so its difficult to provide the proper food and environment. You may want to post this in the Non-Photosynthetic Corals forum, as youll be more likely to get responses from people with experience specific to these sorts of corals.


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Yep, like stated above i've always been told to stay away from them as they generally always die in captivity. Its a shame they keep importing them.