ID this Hammer Color


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Have any of you ever seen this color of branching Hammer. I picked it up at my LFS. It's beautiful. It's purple with pink tips.
My camera isn't the best.
I've personally never seen this color. I'm wondering if it is going to change color after awhile or if it will stay this way.


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Very nice hammer. I assume the crazier colors of hammers (purple, gold, orange) are mostly walls instead of branching?


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Good question.....I do tend to see the same thing tho.
I prefer branching hammer myself.
The tips of this one are a beautiful pink. It's gotten brighter after a few days in my tank but still has stayed pink.
I'm loving it!


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Yeah I've seen that same color morph in the wall hammer variety. A buddy of mine has a huge one


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I've never seen one that color myself, but it is gorgeous. I hope my girlfriend never figures out they come in pink. We will be on a never ending quest!

Great find.