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I assume that most of you have seen me pop on here from time to time. I frequently buy stuff from Todd at Cherry Corals and thought it my be cool to do a group buy. I am not affiliated with Todd in any way, I just like the quality of his corals. If anybody is interested let me know. If we get enough interest he might even throw us a little discount.

Is there anybody in the Springfield area that everybody would be good with receiving the shipment?
several of us have done group buys before, joel and josh have headed them up in the past, josh got burnt on payments though so he prolly wouldnt want to front any money
Make it where you have to pay for your items before they are ordered.... This way no one gets burned..

I could receive it and put it together if you guys need. My work is flexible so I can have it sent there if needed.
I think thats a great idea. Does 2 weeks sound like too much? Should we go 1 week?

I do have some great news. I just talked to Todd, he said if we can get at least 8-10 in on the order we would get free shipping and 10% off!
I do not care myself. If you want to leave it open longer we may get more people..... that is up to you. :)
It def helps to set a date though...
dang i hope he gives free shipping w- average price of a frag @ 50.00 x 10 = 500, man ill do that where do you want it shipped to
Well how about the 1st? I know thats a bit out, but it seems like in the summer things happen slower on fish sites.

The site has a lot of stock right now, I actually check it out pretty frequently. Plus Todd is a real stand up guy.
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that is something I hadn't considered before, we could buy a colony from Todd also. I have a diamond bandsaw that makes cutting them up a breeze. It helps avoid cutting polyps in half.