Ideas Fish only (Tang) tank


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I recently purchased a 180 6x2x2 with a 40 breeder sump. I am thinking fish only with this one and was thinking predominately a Tang tank?
Yellow Belly Blue
Naso Blonde
Kole Yellow Eye
Powder blue

I know Tangs often don't like each other, is this disaster waiting to happen, I am not set on these fish or this type also really like Angelfish family.

Just looking for some ideas?
all Naso species get too large for a 180

Tangs and Angelfish are prone to HILLE... especially in a FO.
Make sure to do your homework. If done properly this could be a spectacular relatively low maintenance display.


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Thanks Gary, can you give me some direction on Homework? What is a good reference site for number of fish and sub species for this setup. I know it's important to add them in particular order as well.

important tips off the top of my head

important tips off the top of my head

I think it's interesting that most FO maintenance people often cite Hippo Tangs (Paracanthurus) as being one of the most difficult species to maintain.

I would definitely plan on good lighting and some rockwork in this aquarium. You should WANT algae to grow so the fish have something to pick at and places to hide in the rock structure to help alleviate aggression.

Water movement would also be important for this aquarium.. for several reasons.

Powder Blue would be added LAST.


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Lighting will be 3 150 MH with 4 PC's I will have 40 gallon breeder as sump with a skimmer. I would like to introduce some softies and maybe LPS at some point, but I was trying to go low maintenence. I have a 75 at my office with LPS and softies. Another sugestion was getting them small and adding all at once. The question I have is how many I don't want to crowd them, i plan on adding lots of live rock but want to leave a lot of swimming room


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I'd go with multiple Yellow Tangs, a LARGE shoal of Blue/Green start ;)

Had you thought about doing an aggressive tank at all John? I know you enjoyed your Panther Grouper and Lion when you had them. Diversden has some gorgeous anglers at the moment.