Identify please


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Bought some LR and this was on it. Wasnt the normal guy at the LFS and he just said its some kind of coral, but i cant seem to find anything that is to close to it. If anyone knows what it is/good or bad please let me know.


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I got it before having any coral lights as i was just trying to add more LR, I thought it died but just added a Marinelife LED Light and it seemed to expand and come back to life. Will it regain color or once bleached always bleached


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It might regain it's color, but then again, that might be it's natural color right there. It's kind of hard to say. You'll just have to be patient and see what happens.


Google both "Florida live rock rose coral" and "Florida live rock brain coral" and take a peek at the images - you'll see what it can grow into with time and care (unless you frag it out first).