I'll have lights for the swap tomorrow


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Never used:
250w MH retrofit:
250w ice-cap ballast
mogul base with reflector
250w mogul based 10000k aqualine bulb

175w DE MH pendant with ballast and bulb (bulb has about 8 months of use)

2 T5 corallife fixtures
-two bulbs in each fixture
-24 inches, 14w bulbs

I'd be willing to trade all of these for frags or cash. Looking for mainly rics, zoos, green leather, lps and some sps (birdsnest, montis). I won't be greedy. Will consider all offers and will be happy to help some local reefers! Someone can come away with a great 250w never used MH retro kit by dangling some really cool frags in front of my eyes. I'll have a table tomorrow. If you're interested, lemme know.

Here are some links to a pic of the T5 fixtures and infor (dimensions etc.) The fixtures are the second one down.

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Possibly willing to part. I had someone inquire about the retofit kit already. If they are not interested, I'll pm you. Are you going to the swap tomorrow?


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Hi, i'm interested in the (2) coralife fixure please. Can you bring them to the swap? THanks, JOHNNY