Illness forces sale Alachua Fla.


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Hello I just got out of the hospital and am not able to give my sps RR tank the attention it needs. It is a 300 gallon 3/4'' acrylic tank; euro braced. It has 11/2" overflows in back 2 corners that go to 65 gallon sump; tank was made by my reef creations about 5 years ago and does not leak; it does have some scratches; Dimensions are 7ft. long, 3ft. wide and 24" tall. Included will be tank stand,hood, sump, hammerhead gold pump, my reef creations dual beckett skimmer with pump; 3/4hp Tradewinds chiller; 2 400 watt halides and 2 250 watt halides with lumenarc reflectors; 2 400 watt coralvue ballasts; 2 250/400 watt galaxy ballasts; Aquacontroller III. Will throw in a lot of the liverock and most of sps corals in the tank; it is still up and running; you will need to come to my house and break down; PM me your email address for pictures. 2000.00 dollars Thanks Jeff