I'm about to make the move!


In Memoriam
So hopefully this big move from Boise to the Springs is going to happen in a couple weeks. Kinda got a wrench thrown in my plans and I'm in DC right now for a few more weeks at least, but I'm hoping by the end of March beginning of April I'll get to move everything down to the Springs. I'm hoping it's not freezing cold there still....

Anyhow, on to my point...because of circumstances I'm probably going to end up having to move all my stuff at once and I'm not going to have a chance to set up a tank in our apt prior to bringing everything to CO so I'm wondering if anyone w/ an established tank would be willing to babysit my corals until I get something up and running. It shouldn't take that long b/c I'll be using sand and LR and *some* cycled water all from my established tanks already but I have some corals in particular that I don't want to lose b/c I've had them too long. Even if someone has a prop system or something w/ enough lighting that'd be find to put them in until I'm able to take them. I just don't know if I'm going to be able to get back up to Boise for a very long time and it's 1000 miles each way.
i appreciate it guys. i have a little bit of everything sorta - LPS, SPS, softies :) I think off the top of my head the only "big" thing I have is my frogspawn (but it's been so long since i've seen my tank I don't remember lol)
hopefully it'll be in a few weeks when I'll get to move my stuff (the army keeps pushing his release date from the hospital back so he can report back to Carson... *frowns* the whole "hurry up and wait" game) but I'll definitely let you know at least a week ahead of time so I can get in touch with you :)

Does anyone keep seahorses too? I have an H. Comes that I might need to find a babysitter for too b/c I'm not sure if I'll be able to leave him w/ a keeper I know in CO.
ok! we're going home today! It's about time. We're just waiting for them to cut our plane tickets and his orders. We're going to be getting in late tonight since it's a LONG flight from DC to the Springs. But if either of you are still willing to babysit my corals for me that would be wonderful :) If you'll pm me and then maybe we can get in contact w/ each other and we can set something up. We've already got the date for coming back from Idaho w/ the corals. Thanks again guys :)
ok, so we just got into CO :D!!! That was the longest flight of my life from DC to CO! But it's nice to be back on this side of the country :D Got your pm's murfman and BLUEMANDJ.

crit21 - I don't have any pics of anything b/c I'm on a hotel computer and I haven't seen my our tank in over 2 months :( (going through withdrawls here lol)