I'm an idiot!- high temp accident


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I wapped up the top of my tank with a garbage bag to prevent spackle dust from getting into it (having a door closed up next to the tank.) Anyway, like an idiot, I didn't realize that my tank would not be able to cool itself off like it normally does and the temperature went from its normal 81 degrees to 90 degrees when I came home at 8:30 tonight. I turned off the pc and t-5 lights off and opened the canopy top and cabinet bottom for the sump and tank to cool off. Any thoughts on what damage I may have done, or anything I should do?? Tank has a mix of sps (monti caps, blue tenius, etc), zoos, fire & cleaner shrimp, perc clowns, etc. Thanks!!


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You should be fine, good that you caught it early on.

You may see some bleaching down the road, but for such a short time I'll think you'll be ok.