I'm going to Anaheim!!!


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Hi guys, I'm taking a trip down to southern California with my family and I'm pretty excited. Well, when I'm down there, I would like to hit up some LFS and see what the southern have to offer. Does anyone know any cool LFS down there?


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here are some numbers I have:

Amazing Aquarims 714.928.5299
Coral Oasis 949.251.9971
Eye Candy Aquarium 714.895.4871
Fish Collection 714.524.7109
OC Aquatics 714.965.7888
Pacific Reef 714.964.8899
SeaSide 714.969.0491
SoCal Tropical Fish 714.603.4707
Tongs 714.842.2733



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Fish Collection 714.524.7109 good variety, good prices, talk to jimmy, not jen
Amazing Aquarims 714.928.5299 super high end livestock
OC Aquatics 714.965.7888 best prices on hardware


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I see you have a list of great LFS to visit but if I may, I'd like to recommend one that's not your typical LFS. Steve @ Gerrett's Acropolis is such a cool guy to talk reef with. You can check out his web @ www.Garretts-Acropolis.com. He's in Costa Mesa, pretty close to Anaheim and he has the most amazing farming tank in his backyard. Sundays 10 am to 2 pm is open to public but call him beforehand to make sure he's available. I think it's not something you see very often elsewhere. I hope you have a great time here in SC.

His #: 714-914-2953


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Guys... I didn't get a chance to see any of the LFS there because I got sick on my trip :( and I was in bed for two days in the suite. Sucks! It turns out I stayed in Garden Grove, Ca, on the border line of Anaheim where the Harbor Blvd's Hotel strip.