Im going to be a mother!!


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My two maroon clowns laid theyre first batch of eggs today!!!!
Im so happy about it!! I kept calling her fatty lately, but i dident realize!!

steve.. the male dident eat this morning, and hes been cleaning them, hope they dont eat them, i want to get some pics if the anemone gets out of the way. there seems to be a pretty good clutch of them.

Im definately going to try to raise them.. cant the first few times due to traveling tho

anyone have the breeding / raising fry threads bookmarked, could you toss them to me? Wanna see what im getting myself into lol


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wow Tourkid congrats that is great news they mush like their new home.

im hoping mine will do the same in the next few months they have a perfect spot at the base of the anemone.

tourkid you should check out as well since its dedicated to breeding.. also try posting in the breeding forum her on RC

that is really cool :)


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thanks!! I still have this big smile all over my face lol

Ive had her about 15 months. she wasent a baby when i got her, but i dont know how old she was, she had yellow stripes

shes grown alot lately


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Wilkerson's book? :)

I'd venture to guess that if we were to look at all the things commonly said in this forum, "Pick up Wilkerson's book." would be ahead of the rest by about 90 million. I nabbed's a great read. Totally worth it.

Congrats, grandma!;)


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haha reading it right now :)

think im goig to grab a sponge filter now so i can work up a bio filter in it while im waiting to have time for it. the rotifer thing doesent seem that easy at the moment


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Fed the nem so it would fold in a little bit. (its averageing a dinnerplate right now)




They laid the eggs so close to the floor, i was pretty suprised. theyre used to be a 4 inch sand bed, its now just barebottom all by the nem.

I noticed 3 days b4 the eggs the female stopped sweeping and spitting sand, but the male was doing it instead.

I thought about it, these past few weeks the light changed from 8 hrs mh to 6 hrs mh leaveing 2 hrs at the end of the day just actinics, was reading joyces book agian, that may have prompted the eggs.
I always wondered if Id ever get eggs since my female got major copper treatments a yr ago

my male really wanted to eat. i felt bad he couldent catch much he was so concerned about getting back to the eggs.

will the male get to sleep?


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=9810539#post9810539 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by TOURKID
haha reading it right now :)

think im goig to grab a sponge filter now so i can work up a bio filter in it while im waiting to have time for it. the rotifer thing doesent seem that easy at the moment

Yeah, but it's the only way to go if you wanna keep them (the larvae) alive, they are too small to shove artemia nauplii down their throats, so try to get rotifers from a store or something like that, also you can try super pulverized dry foods (like flakes), C-Quest (Large scale clownfish breeding business) Use dry foods if they run out of rotifers, but of course, they have a very low survival rate with it. Do the best you can to get rotifers, and good luck, btw, the clowns look super happy with their clutch! Great job!


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yay! congrats! I've remember following your thread about pairing them a few months ago ... My maroons have paired, but can you please tell me how you got them to spawn? feeding several times a day, hours lights on, what you feed, etc?

thanks :)

congrats again!


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I added my male maroon about... 10 months ago maybe (?) i know it was a few months b4 august...

yep no problem.

actinics come on at 9 am, metal halides come on at ten am

I feed them frozen food at ten. (drained and defrosted, varies between emerald entree, mysis, marine cusine, and forula one reef

I feed everyone a little flake at 1 pm

I feed more frozen at 6 pm

mh go's off at 7pm

actinics off at 9 pm

I changed changed the lighting last week actinics used to be on till 8pm.

Im getting hair algea so im feeding to much

all oher changes this month are

new skimmer, started using a filter sock, all perameters have been stable for about 30 days.. got a 90 gal two 1/2 months ago and couldent get my alkalinity to stay where i wanted, but i finally have that right. all other perameters are stable.
I do 2 ten gal water changes a week..

thats about it. i thought they would spawn in the 45 gallon b4 i moved them. they were cleaning a spoty alot. i dident notice any strange behavior lately though.

someones clowns in my howntown spawned yesterday too.. and 2 nights ago i found 2 rabbits going at it in my yard.. i have a feeling it has somthing to do with spring time moon cycles.


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oh, i dident really notice my maroons belly being completely huge or anything. she doesent look that much different now. (i look at them ALOT too)

but her apitite has been huge lately. going out of her safety spot to catch more food.

heres a pic i took last night



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yeah, i read the whole breeding rotifers and algea this morning in joyces book. looks like a real pita :( but ill do my best. cant wait to start trying it


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my eggs turned red today! and got bigger! this is so neat to watch. i wish the nem wasent hiding them during the day