I'm in bubble algae hell


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I need a way to rid my tank of the bubble algae. Any pointers? I bought an emerald mithrax crab, but he seems to hate the bubble algae as much as I.


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I had bad bubble algae when I first started. The emerald crab I got did as much as he could to AVOID the stuff. I have syphoned it out with pumps of and a tooth brush. Ultimatly I took every rock out of my tank and scrubed them in one bucket and dipping them in 2 seperate buckets of clean water to get all the spores off. I haven't seen any in 8 months+.


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you can try using a 5/8" id hose when doing a water change to pop and siphon them out. it worked well for me.


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Some people report having success with Scribbled Rabbitfish (Siganus doliatus) if you have the room.