I'm looking for a green wrasse.....

....preferably one that is reef safe - or at least clean up crew safe. I don't have hermits, but I do have various snails etc.

Big, small, I don't mind..... and its a bare bottom tank.

If not a wrasse - can you think of something green?

Fairy Wrassler

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If you have no substrate then you can't have a burying wrasse. i.e. no anampses, halichoeres or macropharyngydons etc. So you could (given enough rockwork) get a fairy and there are a few green ones, exquisitis, melanomarginatus etc.

I set my tanks up primarily for wrasses so they all have substrate - fairies can sleep in the rocks but most commonly sleep on the substrate wedged into or under a rock, so I am just more comfortable with substrate.



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Hi Matt. How are you? Here is a list of green wrasses. You will have to research them as I am no Wrasse care expert.
Pictilibrus viridis, Leptojulis cyanopleura, Halichoeres zeyonicus, Hemilius richmondi, Platyglossus chrysotaenia, Hemicoris chloroptera, Pseudocoris bleekeri, Pseudojuloides kaleidos.
That should keep you busy for a while. Have fun.:p


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I've got a 4 lin (sometimes called a 12 line) that is considered reef safe. I've had mine for several months, and he doesn't go after snails or hermits. They look like a green 6 line, but smaller and less aggressive. They grow to about 2-3", and are a nice addition to the tank, IMO.

Tough to get a pic of, but here's mine:

Hey Matt - back in the land of smiles now I presume? You lucky........ Thanks for the list of fish - I will check them out.

Ben - he looks quite nice actually...... different.... definitely a strong contender!



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What about a lunar? Won't mess with snails or hermits but will eat shrimp. Doesn't touch coral either. This is my guy. Looks cool already and when they reach adult hood are stunning.