IM Nuvo 8 - Dead Spots... Additional pump?


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I'm getting some dead spots in my nuvo 8 behind the rock work and am wondering if I should add a koralia nano and aim it across the back of the tank? I've had a slight cyano bloom back there and the constant siphoning is getting old...:headwally:

My only concern is adding too much flow in the tank since I've upgraded the return pump to the cobalt mj 900...

Thanks in advance for the help!


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My brother has a little 8 gallon he moved to my house and I'm actually taking care if it this summer and he's got a little Koralia in the tank pointed across the top diagonally it works pretty good.

As for the cyano and algae issues the pump won't help that out id start doing some more frequent Water changes to get your nutrients under control (as its pretty easy to do big % water changes on a small system) and maybe considering running a little bag of GFO/Carbon in the back

I just did that in my brothers he wasn't running anything and its worked wonders he had some algae and other problems before moving it to my house

Did 3 bigger WC over the week and then added some GFO/carbon in the back (chemipure elite will work if you don't have gfo)

Try that see how it goes