I'm thinking about getting a dwarf lion fish, what doy you think?


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I have a 92G with a hippo tang, yellow tang, pajama cardinal, a clarki clown, an ocellaris clown,and a damsel in my 92G I know that the hippo will eventually outgrow the tank but I will sell it when th etime comes ( far from now) and I dont care about the damsel My water quality is perfect and I want to get a dwarf lion fish. My questions are:
1. Are they relatively hardy
2. Will I beable to get it to eat frozen food and also are they a pain in the @$$ to feed since they are slow eaters.
3Will they sting any of my fish.?
4 what kid of dwarf lion, the fuzzy or the zebra?
Thanks alot


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A lionfish will eat whatever will fit in its mouth, even if it is almost as big as the Lionfish itself.

I wouldn't recommend it for the tank you have now.


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It will eventually eat your ocellaris, cardinal, and damsel. Shrimp are also at high risk.

That said, mine has been fairly hardy (I've taken good care of it though). He eats (frozen) krill and pieces of silverside. He also tries to eat flakes when i feed his tankmate. He was very shy at first but now is out in the open 100% of the time. He is very personable and always at the front glass. Stinging is not really a concern unless your other fish are poetntial predators (they arent).