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Hello Roger,

I run the TS24 kit. I seem to have a problem with the one unit. The black cap that snaps into the braking system does not seem to sit properly into the white braking system. I snap it back on but on start up it pops back off and just spins loose out side of the powerheads impeller housing. I've only had the kit for a month. Also have noticed that the braking system doesn't seem to work as good even with the black cap snapped on. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Have you tried to dissassemble the drive unit and inspect it for an obstruction- this could be anything from sand to a piece of packing material from shipment? Let me know, a new one can be provided under warranty and it will be taken care of. It sounds like either the tabs the hold the black collar in are damaged or exited the molding process unfinished. It is also likely that an obstruction is blocking the correct attachment of this piece to the white shaft portion. Seeing as this acts as the friction point to engage and retract the brakes if improperly connected then yes the brakes would not operate properly.
Hey Roger,

I just took it apart cleaned it and put it back together and still the same problem. After a couple on/off cycles it pops back off.
Send me your address in a PM or email and I will get a new drive unit out to you tomorrow by UPS ground service.
Please include the three digit production code embosed on the back side of the pump and your full name address for warranty claim purposes.

I would like to thank you very much for the great service you provide by having this forum for the many Tunze product owners. Outstanding service :beer:

I sent your part set out yesterday but I meant to include a letter. Anyway just be sure and change all the parts. You can save your old ones for an emergency but all the parts need to wear in together to avoid future problems and miss matching parts from different periods of use and production batches is likely to cause future issues.