In The Market For a RoDi Unit......


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First off does anyone have any sugestions on which one to buy, i need a very small unit. topoff is only like a gallon a night. also will it make a difference if i go with just a Ro unit vs. a RoDi unit, and if so what? any info on this subject would be appreciated.


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I would look to a RO/DI as that will be the cleanest water. I've had great luck with my eBay unit but the airwaterice units come highly recommended.


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I'm still fairly new so somebody may correct me here but I've been under the impression that DI filtration is actually more effecient than RO, but price wise more people go with RO. But that aside heres a link to where I got my RO/DI unit:
I purchased the 100gpd unit since the price was cheaper than smaller units elsewhere. It's worked great for me so far. If you do go for just a RO unit, you can always add a DI cartridge later on. Keep in mind that alot of the price is the cost for the membrane (TFC or High Silicate) and you can always order the more effecient cartridges later on when you are replacing the used up ones. Anyways, just my two cents...


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I'm an owner of the Typhoon III from
They come w/ a pressure guage, a tds meter, a dow filmtec membrane, etc. They have great customer service, and setting it up was real simple. The tds out of the tap is arond 130, my ro tds is 6-8 and after di its 0.
Its a real nice unit. It runs 199.00 + shipping, however I THINK if you mention RC you get a discount of some sort.



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There are 4 vendors that I would rocommend talking to. All use genuine Dow Filmtec RO membranes, all provide units specifically designed for reef aquariums and all have excellent customer service and technical support. You will find every one of them popping in here on RC to offer free advice and support also so they really are familiar with the hobby and not just out to make a buck ane be gone tomorrow like lots of e-bay vendors.

Give all of them a call or email and ask questions of them. Tell them your needs and see what they can recommend for you. You will be happy with any one of them. Whatever you end up with I suggest getting a unit with the 75 GPD Dow Filmtec membrane, a vertical standard size 10" canister type refillable DI and a handheld TDS meter.


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I have a unit from purelyh20 and its great. Everything you need comes with it and bryan will help you out with any problems you encounter.