In Wall Tank - Fish Room in the Garage?


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I have a friend who's in the processes of installing an in-wall tank with a small fish room which will be in the garage. The room is being walled off and insulated, but we're trying to figure out how to deal with extreme temperatures and moisture in that little room. How have you all dealt with these issues?



Salty Dude
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There are no chemicals.

The room is being completely walled off. I know others have done this because I've seen the threads. Just looking for advice.


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I created my fishroom from a porch that I enclosed. I can tell you that it does get difficult to fully maintain temps at times.

Typically - full summer or winter is fine. You run a heater or AC unit all the time, there's no issues. Biggest problem is the change in temps (spring and fall) where you can have 30 degree swing in a few days. Temps are cold, you put the heater on - next thing you know it's a 60 degree day out there and you're still running the heat.

Stability of the room temps are key, as they have a large affect on the water itself - using a controller to maintain individual room temps would help. A window AC unit can help with both the hot temps and humidity.

This shows my typical day to day fluctuation of temps...unfortunately, it does not go back to fall, which has some larger swings. The spike was a maintenance day...


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I ran a fish room in my garage for two years.
Completely open to the garage, no problem. Two cars parked in there, too.
The only issue was managing heat in the summer. Not bad when i ran led, but worse when i switched to MH. The saltwater air and humidity was worse on the garage by far, then the garage was to the tank. I needed a dehumidifier running 24/7 to keep tools and stuff from rusting.

Now I walled it off and I had an AC/Heat guy come out. They tapped into my house system and just ran another vent and return into that room. The return should help pull out some humidity and warm air and the vent will push in AC and heat. So far no problems. Will see how it goes in the summer.