Increasing tank salinity


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I haven't added water to my tank yet as I'm still gathering pieces, but I have a salt question. A couple of threads I've read indicated that you don't increase salt content at the DT or the sump. Just how then do you increase it? For example, if I bought sea water from the fish store (most sell water directly from the ocean) and it isn't at the correct level how would you go about increasing/decreasing salinity? I figure to decrease you would just add ro water a little at a time until your level is correct. but what is the best way to increase it?

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when water evaporates it leaves minerals behind(salinity increases). so u top off with regular ro/di water and it brings the levels of salts back to normal but in ur case u can top off with saltwater for few times to bring salinity upto level u want.

Note: if u dont wanna wait for evaporation take a gal of ur tank water out and pour back in a little higher salt mixed water back in and keep doing that till u reach the level u want. mind you if there is going to be livestock in the tank u cant do this very often. increase very slowly eachday.

if salinity is higher than normal then u take out a gal and pour back rodi water.