Indo-Pacific Sea Farms


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From another thread on this board i came across

this looks amazing! im so glad there's a company like this.

just want to see if anybody has ordered from them???
I just ordered from them the clean up crew, 6 pack macroalgae and the tank heaven. They shipped last Tuesday and arrived Thursday Fed Ex. I'm happy with the order so far. I'll see how the algae and snails doas I had a very high death rate with snails before.
I was quite pleased with my order. I strongly recommend you get yoru hands on the Strombus m. snails as they reproduce rapidly in captivity. The Anthelia coral they have is a nifty fast growing coral similar to xenia, I've made a lot of LFS credit wit it.

They are great.:thumbsup: I got their 9 for 99 deal. Everything came alive and healthy, plus I got some extra snails free of charge.
thanks, is anybody using the Reef Amphipod Breeding Kit?????

i also wish they had some pics, but it still looks good to me :p

I too am a happy IPSF customer. Yes, I bought the Amphipod breeding kit and after 8 weeks, I have so many amphipods, my wife calls it "the bug tank" :D

When I added a six-line wrasse a few weeks ago, he thought he was in heaven. :)

All of their products are great and if you don't have much coralline, i recommend their coralline booster. When I got it, I had 2 squares covered in it. I scrapped one into little pieces and let it swirl around the tank. The other I put in a high flow area in front of a powerhead. I know have spots of pink corraline growing all over.

I highly recommend IPSF.