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Any one just lurking around send me a PM and I can give you a call to discuss the club benefits and what we are about..

This has been successful with my last post. The more members we can get the more we can do :)

Upcoming things..

Mike Paletta next weekend
Behind the scenes tour of the Omaha Zoo Aquarium in May
BBQ and Auction in Iowa City...
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who is doing the BBQ? what are they cooking? I hope it is over charcoal. LOL

We have not all the details worked out yet, but what we are thinking is just grill burgers and hotdogs and then hopefully do a potluck for the salads and deserts and such. This will also be linked to a frag auction and raffle (once we get some donations from some companies). It should be fun! Plus it will a be very family friendly event. If we can do it where we are thinking about ....there is a park and a little fishing pond right there. We will post more details when it gets closer.
Hey all,
I'm fairly new at this and my tank is quite young (1 year). I've spent most of my time on Aquarium Advice and didn't even know we had a reef club
I'd be interested in any info you can give...