Info for email alerts???


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I have an apex lite that has been running on one of my systems for a couple months and just bought a second lite for a new build.

I attempted to set up email alerts to my yahoo address directly off my apex control page. It failed to go through.

I set up a gmx email account and attempted to send them there and route them to my yahoo address. This also failed.

I spoke with a Neptune representative at reef-apalooza in Orlando a couple weeks ago. He stated that I no longer had to go through gmx, and that Neptune had fixed it so I went directly to Neptune systems . Com, put in my yahoo address, and emails alerts would go through. This still has the same results of not going through.

Has anyone had success with setting up alerts to yahoo? If so, what route did you take?

Half of the reason I bought the apex is to monitor my systems and get alerts while I'm away. I'm hoping to get this option working soon.




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GMX doesn't play well with Apex anymore, and there are some issues with yahoo mail I believe. Over on Neptune's forums at their website, they have some posts outlining the issues and a thread listing some of the various free email accounts that still work.

As far as running your email alert through Neptune, I think there might've been some miscommunication. Neptune is coming out with "Fusion" which in a nutshell puts your controller "in the cloud" and routes your access through Neptune's servers. If you use Fusion, email alerts will come from Neptune's servers with no need to set up the email alerts on the controller itself. More info on Fusion, and how to enable it, can be found on Neptune's forums. But if you're not using Fusion, you still need to set up your Apex to use a valid email service.


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Thanks for the info....

Are there any cut and dry up to date instructions such as... "This is how you set up your email accounts now"?

Any cut and dry instructions on setting up fusion, or do I have to sort through the forums? Fusion sounds like it might be the way to go.

I did look on the Neptune forums and googled emails. It had a bunch of threads and many pages. I got tired of trying to read through them. That is actually where I read about gmx mail several weeks ago.


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Set up a road runner email and tried that without success. A buddy came over and found that I had left a single space in front of the smtp, which held it up. Eliminated the space, and the alerts went through! Score!

I haven't tried the fusion yet...