Information trend and Input needed for new build


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I've been reading on multiple topics and the information given or received is all over the place. One thing I just finished reading is turnover rate. Last year when I first started the hobby everyone was saying 10-15X the volume. Recently it's been 3-5X. Then now people are experimenting with 1.5-2X. The most recent trend is people are trying to get the most out of the systems skimmer. If you need flow in the tank use more powerful or quantity power heads. I find the most recent information the most logical.

I am in the pre build stages of my next and most likely final build and I want to do it right. It's going to be a 90 gallon cube with a 30 gallon sump. I'll be using an External Cali-BA overflow. The current skimmer I have and will start off with is a SWC 120 rated at 90 gallons light bio load. My sump will be big enough to house a larger skimmer since the drain/skimmer area will be 18"x15" so I can always upgrade. Now this is where I started off with the newest confusion...1" or 3/4" plumbing, Eheim 1260 or smaller? I will be running a gate valve on the return line and drains so should I go 5x turnover rate and dial down? Also I will be cutting the weir on a glass tank and the calculations say 9" minimum running 5 x 115.5gallons=577.5gph. Now if I cut that weir and want to dial back is it going to cause issues with my return flow rate? Oh the variables! All help an input is appreciated.