Ingestible Ick Treatment


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I have a powder blue tank that has had ick for the last 6 months (when I first got him). The case is not bad, and he eats like a pig. So I was wondering if anyone knows of an ick treatment that I can soak the food in and treat him?



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Have you tried Kordon's? I don't think it's meant to be used with food but I hear it works pretty good.

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If he has had it for six months either it is not ich or he is reacquiring it from a sandbed or rocks. Read up on the life-cycle of this pest. Treat his environment by getting him out of it for 72 days and treat him with tank-transfer, which I think there is a sticky-post explaining same. If not, ask and we will find it for you.


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To add to Sk8r's post - you need to treat ALL fish regardless of whether or not they show signs.

And a HUGE +1 to TTM!!! No meds, less stress to the fish.