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I was just driving through Terra Haugh, Indiana.I passed a place called "Inland Aquatics", it had a Seahorse statue out front, and a warehouse in the back of the store.What is it?A fish Store?


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Its a pretty large fish store with some impressive selection. I stopped by last time i was going to STL. They have a ton of fish but pretty high prices. A firefish was $39.99.

lars on live

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Good Store

Good Store

the higher than normal prices are due to actually housing the fish before they go on sale. It's an impressive setup and you get healthier and better adjusted fish.


If you are into Algae Turf Scrubbers, Inland Aquatics is one of the larger supporters of that technology. They do little/to no water changes on the large systems they have because they use a dump style ATS with turf algae. I know this is a widely debated topic but cutting out large water changes is always a positive if you can help eliminate Nitrate in other ways:D


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I go there often just to look, they have a 400g cube reef that is awesome, a couple 1000g or so tubs with some humongous tangs (and other fish and coral and anemones), they have a huge, beautiful poison dart frog vivarium, as well as a pond shore freshwater setup that actually has sand/dirt coming up out of the water on one side. The big tubs are really my favorite part - the corals in them are the largest I've ever seen, larger than could even fit in most traditionally sized aquariums, some measured in feet, not inches.

It's really an impressive place, worth a visit if you're in the area. For buying fish though, the prices are insane... They had baby (1.5" maybe) hippo tangs for over 100$. And the turnover rate there is the same as everywhere else - these fish went and came within a month. They do house a lot of fish and I'm pretty sure they tank breed and raise clowns as well. Coral prices are reasonable but they can be found a lot cheaper elsewhere. They also have an in-house acrylic guy that builds the self contained turf scrubbers, and he also builds custom sumps.

The workers there are more knowledgeable than your average LFS, which is a nice bonus. Lots of reef clubs and stuff organize trips to come here also.