Innovative marine 16g vs. Cadlights 22g


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Hello all,
While I used to have a 72g bowfront, I have been out of the hobby for a few years. Nevertheless, as a long time lurker of the forum, I would value anyone's feedback on setting up a nano tank. My wife is a big fan of the new innovative marine 16g, however as I would prefer as big of a nano tank as possible, I though the Cadlights 22g presented an attractive option. I know in the scheme of tanks, there are bigger all in one options, but have to keep the wife happy and I am pretty sure anything bigger then 25g is right out.

Although, as I have seen mixed reviews on quality, customer service, etc... With both companies, I was curious what your recommendations may be.

I'm ultimately looking to setup mainly a softy tank, but perhaps a bta, and have been interested in setting either one up with an AI nano or kessil light. Nevertheleast, need to decide on the tank first.

Alternatively, if anyone has any other tank recommendations, I would be interested in hearing them. The only caveat is the stand I wanted to use will support no more then a 15" width. I can always change out my stand choice though :)

Thanks in advance for your expertise.


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someone on this forum is setting up a innovative marine, he seems to like it. i cant seem to find it right now but should be on first or second page... I would personaly go for the innovative because it will be easier to install a different light on it.


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the CAD Lights come with better lighting for either one of the 22G tanks. for the price i dont think you can find anything better. the full length LED is the same one they use for the 50G and the T5 is 96W with built in timer. the tank looks really awesome too.