Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 AIO

Up for sale is a innovative marine nuvo 20 gallon AIO complete set up. Tank is running for almost a year and half. All parts are in great condition and were bought brand new with the only exception of vortech MP10 also in great condition. Invested quite amount of $$ for all the upgrades .I'm selling the entire set up for $650. No plans of parting out at the moment. The reason for selling the system is trying to consolidate tanks to get a bigger system. PM for more pics. I'm located in Newark.

List of equipment:
IM Nuvo 20 gallon
White stand (very nice looking stand, paid $250)
AI Hydra 26
Aqua gadget minimax media reactor
Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO
IM chaetomax aqua gadget
Vortech MP10 pump
IM UV Sterilizer
Tunze 9001 protein skimmer
Cooling fan
Cobalt aquatic 100w heater

List of livestocks:
Pair of clown with large size RBTA
Purple firefish
Zoas: Sunny D, BBEB, captain jerk, scrambled eggs. Nirvana.
Green hairy mushrooms
Kenya trees
Acan colony
Cristata Torch
Rock scape bought from jester6


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