Installed Phosban long until Remora skimmer starts working?


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Installed the 2 little fishies phosban reactor and I guess with all the new plastic and lines my Remora Pro is just putting microbubbles into tank and has not produced any skimmate for the past 2 days.

How long until it goes back to normal?


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I didn't have a problem when i add 2x reactor to my tank. I had 1 for phosban and 1x carbon. I do have the remora skimmer also.

Did you wash the phosban before you put it in?


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yes. adding new plastic makes the remora pro act funny...Aqua C said it is the oils in the new plastic....just trying to find out for how long from someone who had it happen to them.


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my urchin does that anytime i put my hands in the tank... so basically i get 1 cup of skim every 2 weeks or so...


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i just added a remora pro with a mag 3 and when i first turned it on that thing turned out lots of light green skim...then i adjusted the cup and it was better...but after 3 days i get no bubbles at all. i just assumed it was the fact that the skimmer pulled everything out of the this not correct? i've placed my hands into the tank many times is that the problem?


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Minhle, unless you've got like a 3qt tank, theres no chance the remora pulled everything out of it.

Lack of bubbles means its not working correctly.


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LACK OF BUBBLE CAN also mean you are putting your hand in the tank all the time, or feeding a lot, etc because that also changes the surface tension which, as you see for yourself, stops the skimmer from working properly. if you dont get bubbles after you keep your hands out of the tank for more then a day, then start to look at your skimmer and figure out whats wrong with it.