interested in pairing flameback angels


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I have a recently set up aquarium that is a little over 30 gallons. I am interested in pairing up either C. Acanthops or C. Aurontonotus in the next few months. I have kept the Aurontonotus before but never have tried pairing any of these angels before. I am concerned because of their aggressive tendancies. I have a 20 gallon quarantine that I was thinking of using to pair them up in and seperating them with a screen. I was going to look around for a smaller and larger specimen and see what happens. I am very meticulous about the water chemistry and will probably not put any other fish in the tank. Does this sounds like a little much? Anyone try pairing these fish before?
In 30 g would be a bit small to pair up Brazilian flameback. I have a pair. They swim a lot. Sometimes do not get along so will be in oposite sides in my 210 G. I tried in smaller tanks, but bigger one will harass the smaller a lot in small tanks, in 30 G was not possible, in 90 G I got some peace. Only now in 210G I got some spawning and they get along pretty well...