interesting mantis shrimp


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If I identified my newest mantis correctly I have a Ciliated Mantis shrimp, Pseudosquilla ciliata. This guy rocks! He isn't scared of me at all and I get to watch him all the time. He isn't as colorful as the Philippine Mantis, Gonodactylaeus mutatus, that I catch most of the time but they hide a lot and will bolt for cover any time they see me. The book I have says that my Ciliated mantis is a spearer so I went out and caught nine 1/4" three-spot damsels but none of them have been killed. I have seen a lot of blue-eyed crab's empty carapaces scattered around though. There were 4 mantis in the 30g I have set-up for them, the one Ciliated and three of the Philippine but I haven't seen any of the Philippine, even in passing so I think the Ciliate may have killed his tankmates. This guy is by far the best mantis I have owned, due to the fact that I get to observe his behavior and can enjoy watching him as long as I want.