Interesting water readings


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After having my tank running for three days. I did my test.

PH 8.0
Amonia .8\
Nitrite 0.3
Nitate 0
Phosphate 0.6
Salinity 1.20

COPPER .10??
I am using instant Ocean tests.
marco rocks
caribsea live aragonite
RO/DI water

I would assume I have a fase test. I did it twice.
What do you think?


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Did you start with a new tank or a used one, and did you test the TDS of your RO/DI water, also what brand test kit? Try testing a freshly made up batch of saltwater outside of the tank and see what you get to try and narrow down where it's coming from.


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Copper? I hope your test kit is not working. You might want to ask the manufacturer about any possible interference. That's 0.1 ppm?

Testing a fresh batch of saltwater is an excellent idea.


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I did get a new tank. I am using RODI with everything assoicated with the tank. I have a filter guys OR+1. TDS is zero going out. INstant Ocean tests and salt.


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I hope so. I am going to re test with a Salifert test. My LFS wanted to sell me some carbon and copper blockers.. Iam so glad I read this site..