introducing copperband!!


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Hello I'm trying to introduce a copperband to my tank. I've only had a yellow tang in the tank for over a year. The copperband is doing great except for the beating the yellow tang has giving him. I put the yellow tang in QT and rearranged the rock work. How long should I give the copperband befor I reintroduce the yellow tang.


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Uh, yellow tangs are typically very aggressive. CBB are very timid. And since they are finicky eaters to begin with, having a bruiser in the tank only adds to the stress. IMO this fish should only be kept w/ other docile tank mates. My preference? Keep the CBB and feed the tang to a lion fish :D . or put the tang in a 5 gallon...Do I hear sirens? :hammer:



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Hey man, you need to pick which fish you want in your tank and give the other away. The CBB just wont make it with the yellow unless you have a humongous tank. Also, go look into mysis shrimp by the brand name Piscine Energetics along with zoe and selcon. This will be good stuff for the CBB. Dump the tang, you will appreciate your CBB much more in the future.