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I hear that iodide is good for cheato, correct? Well I bought a bottle of Kent marine Iodide sub. On the directions it reads: Shake bottle well and add 5ml per 50gl every week or 8 drops per 50gl per day. What's a drop? They suggest daily dose. I know it would be 5ml divided by 7 that would be like .71ml per day, right? Anybody do daily dosage? And if so how much do you add? Thanks....:thumbsup:
Perhaps iodine may help some with some macroalgae, I haven't seen much evidence for chaeto though. Dosing iron may help the most with chaeto, provided your nitrate level is not too low.

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FWIW, most of us who dosed iodine found it made no difference to anything in our tanks when we stopped. The only exception may be certain gorgonia that have a known requirement for iodine.

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