iodine dip (is this right?)


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ok so i want to do an iodine dip on one of my corals and all new corals i get.
Is it:
Use r/o water, get it o the right ph with baking soda, float it to get the temp right, add 30 dropps per gallon (as directed on bottle) mix, add corals and let sit for 20 minutes? Is this right? Also is their any trick to getting allot of water the same temp as the tank. Like if i do say 3-4 gallons i can't really float a bag that big in my tank.


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I know times vary alot but 20 mins is the highest I've seen. I do 15. I know some that do as little as 5. If you're doing 3-4 gal dip, I'd buy a cheap heater for it.


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Zoa's get dipped in FW, pH and temp adjusted, with a few drops of iodine and whatever else you like, (FWE for example).

SPS are dipped in tank water, with higher dose of iodine (40 drops per gallon lugol's, for example)...and whatever else (ie FWE).

Variations exists. But DO NOT dip your acros in'll most likely kill them. There are great info stickies at the top of the coral forums with this info...just pick the forum that applies to your coral.



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I can now, sadly, tell you from experience not to dip LPS in FW either.

Only softies, leathers and zoas are ok for the FW dip. Everything else, use SW. I just did a massive dip last night from a frag meeting in SW w/Kent's Lugol Solution and everything looks wonderful today.

I just got off of the phone with my wife and had her remove the disintegrating torch coral that I FW dipped a couple days ago.

I thought since it worked for other corals, why not?

Now I know better. Don't do SPS or LPS.

If you can, try to get Tropic Marin Pro Coral Cure. If not, Lugol's is good too. Also Seachem has a coral dip that is supposed to be pretty good too.

If you are doing a FW dip on the proper coral, just use Ph buffer to get the Ph around what your tank is, along with the temp and then add 5 drops or so of Lugol's and 1-2 drops of Flatworm Exit per gallon of RO/DI water. Drop in the corals for 5 minutes, then grab them and turn them upside down and swirl them to get any clingers to fall off for 1 minute and then rinse them off and put into tank, preferably a quarantine tank.