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i just iodin diped my leather that was doing pritty bad it was a sagestion but will it accualy help the coral that much some ppl said it might of been self destructing but i was doing very bad


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Hopefully it helped. Most leathers will respond well to a treatment dip.

You might want to post your question in the Soft Coral forum along with more information about the specifics of its problems and your system specs.

Best of luck!


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well the soft coral forum is kinda dead. i just did the SAME exact thing and the coral seems to be shedding a rather thick and white(in comparrison to other sheddings) well, shedding. is this normal? should i put the coral under more flow to blow this shedding lose?


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I haven't done an iodine dip, but I wouldn't worry too much about the shedding yet. I'd put the coral back in its normal spot, though, and let it shed in peace.